How To Choose a Professional Domain Name For Your Website in 2022

How to choose a professional domain name for your website in 2022

A domain name is an essential piece of any website’s assortment, and it’s the most important part there. Perhaps you may rush to choose a template or you may go with hosting that is not suitable for your website needs, but believe me not giving importance in determining the domain name, it means the name on which you will build your brand for the coming years, if not thoughtful and wisely chosen, you will pay dearly in the future.

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The rest of the other parts if you are not happy with it, can be easily changed, for example, your site is currently slow, you will simply find a lot of fast web hosting services available in front of you. You might say to me, OK, I can switch to another domain provider or give up the old domain and get a new one easily!

Dear, please focus well, I know very well that buying a new domain will not cost you more than $10, but the domain name, replacing it will be a very difficult decision and you have spent continuous years developing it. We are talking here about your brand that you put a lot of effort into developing and publicizing. But believe me, after you get a taste of fame, you will be forced to change your domain name in the future due to the intuitive mistakes you made in the beginning when registering your domain. Simple mistakes will cost you a lot in the future.

If the articles of your website are mostly visited by search engines, this is excellent, as they are considered visitors of great value, and getting them takes time, provide high-quality content. But in the future, when your brand gets a lot of fame, you will be forced to change it, and here believe me that you will start from scratch because a new domain needs additional years of work.

In the following article, we will give you the most common mistakes that you must avoid when working on registering a new domain name. In return, we will give you important tips that will help you a lot in choosing a professional domain name.

Mistakes to avoid when buying a domain name

There are many mistakes that everyone who thinks of building a website makes, whether to put his products in an online store or as a hobbyist who presents his articles to reading lovers. But due to lack of experience, many do not notice these errors, and few see them but do not give them importance. So, below, I advise you to avoid all these mistakes to have a very professional domain name.

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1 – Don’t rely on numbers

Only in exceptional cases, for example, your site indicates an exceptional day, or perhaps you provide news content, it will be acceptable to go with a number at the end, such as (News24) or (football365). Other than this, your site name will not look that professional as you rely on a random number in the domain.

2 – Do not buy a domain other than (.com)

If we talk in terms of SEO, and what is the extension that search engines like, headed by Google, all of them are acceptable, meaning it can top the first pages with a .net domain or even .org and other extensions, and it can even outperform the .com domain if Your site was providing high-quality content.

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But what we do not like about these domains is that they do not appear as professional as we find in the dot com domain, professional in terms of appearance and their popularity among the groups of society. For example, if you ask me about the source of the information, I will tell you that you will find it on the Medium website, you will type directly in your browser (

You cannot even imagine that the domain of the YouTube or Google website ends with .net This is impossible and will never happen with any company on its website. Here we are talking about a professional company that pays attention to building its brand even to the smallest details, let alone the scope of its website.

3 – The domain must be ICANN

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In the domain of selling domain names, there are thousands of companies that have entered this field, and for your information, not all companies are legal, there are those who sell you a professional domain with an extension (.com) even though they do not have approval. We advise you to stay away from these companies, as at first, they will tempt you to reserve a domain for a small price, and when you want to renew it for the next year, you will notice that the amount has been doubled.

In return, companies accredited by ICANN will protect your rights from this fraud, so that the renewal for another year will be offset by an increase of only a few dollars.

Note: Not all companies that offer a domain at an attractive price for the first year are scam companies, for example, Godaddy offers a domain registration offer of $0.99 for the first year, but in return, the increase will not be exaggerated. It is a company approved by the ICANN organization and respects all of its terms.

4 – Do not buy an expired domain except in case!

Simply, unless you are a professional, I mean you have experience analyzing backlinks, are they from international sites that have great credibility, or are those links all just malicious links built using bots. Believe me, you will find many explanations that convince you that the expired domain will help you quickly rank among the search engines, yes it helps a little, but provided that this domain is not sanctioned by Google, it does not have spam links and most importantly you will write in the same previous field, It doesn’t make sense to build a website that talks about marketing and its old content were talking about “planting plants” only because it contains high-quality backlinks.

5 – Don’t rely on symbols

One of the most famous symbols that are relied upon to reserve domains is the (-) symbol, knowing that this symbol will not negatively affect the SEO of your site. But on the other hand, it will be difficult to remember it in the middle of the domain, and there are even those who do not know how to pronounce it, for example, a person who likes your site and wants to recommend it to his friend, it will be very difficult for him to pronounce it, or even remember it. So it is best to avoid putting symbols in any domain you intend to reserve in the future.

6 – Don’t fall in love with your domain!

Many romantic relationships led to the downfall of the biggest businessmen, the same thing will happen to you if you see that you have reached perfection in choosing the domain name of your website. Always be simple in choosing words that are understandable to the ear before the eye, with an acceptable number of letters.

Tips when buying a domain name

And now we come to the most important point, what are the criteria that if you follow it, you will get a professional domain name, a domain with few letters, an understandable, easy to remember, and all the other characteristics that make your brand remain firmly in the mind.

1 – Study your field well

This step is very important because it will save you a lot of work. For example, you want to build a website that talks about writing and blogging, so the first word that comes to your mind is (Write). It would be good to find a short domain name concept based on that word, but unfortunately, most of it is reserved.

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So the second step is to search for all the words related to this word such as (Writer), (Writers), (Rewrite), (Written), (Wrote). Of course, words like these are all reserved, so you’ll have to combine them with other short words. For example, the words that go with (Write) are (Hand), (Pen), (Paper), (Word), etc. We combine them to get an endless list of suggestions like (HandWriter), (WisePen), and more. This process requires patience, manipulation of words, and an in-depth study of your field.

2 – Rely on a short domain name

Please focus on this point a lot, try to rely on as few characters as possible, if you can reserve a range of one character, do it! Unfortunately, the domains with one letter up to four letters are all reserved, and you can find many of them for sale, but at a very high price. This confirms the correctness of my words, the more your domain has very few characters, the higher its price will be.

Also, the short domain will be easy to remember, even if it is not in real words. You will easily remember ( even if it is not a real word faster than ( although the latter comes with very famous words, and the error is very common where you may forget a letter in writing, or perhaps the auto-correcter will change the word, so the correction process will be cumbersome for those who want to browse your site directly. To avoid all this, choose a short and understandable domain name.

3 – well-known letters

Even if you have a high level of English, orient your domain towards those below you, you will target all segments of society. What I mean by the familiar letters such as the word (Best) or (Work) or (Enjoy) or (Make)…etc. I mean, short words like these and their syntax are easy and anyone can write them. Unlike words like (Thoroughly), (Thoughts), (Characters), etc.

4 – hear your domain name!

Make the domain of your site understandable to the ear before the eye, and to reach this stage, the stage in which you can write what you hear easily and without errors, first you must apply literally what came in the previous step. Clear letters and common words will make your domain easy to remember and pronounce. For example (BestProducts) or (HappyDay).

5 – Available on social media

It will be difficult to reserve a domain with understandable words and with the fewest possible number of letters, and more difficult than this is to provide it on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, where creating a page with a username on these sites is free, which makes it more bookable than the domain names. But if it is available, oh, it would be great

6 – Use security protocol (https)

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One of the most important points that you should focus on when creating your domain, you should activate it immediately after purchasing your domain name, some sites provide it for free for the first year or you pay some dollars to activate it. This will increase the security of your site and will make it popular in search engines.

And don’t forget to switch your domain to the old protocol (http) so you don’t lose your visitors, you can do this directly through your subscribed domain provider’s control panel.

In conclusion, I hope that this helped you learn how to choose a professional domain name for your website. If this tutorial helped you, please share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter!

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